Welcome to Bagley Public Schools!

Bagley Independent School District #162 consists of two sites;

a K-6 elementary building and a 7-12 Jr./Sr. high school. 

The community of Bagley is nestled in a unique physical environment that joins the pines and the prairie and bids farewell to the mighty Mississippi as it begins its journey south. 

Visit the district Facebook page for the latest updates on summer construction projects and other current happenings at the Bagley School District.


Attention: The web address to PaySchools was updated on 9/25/2012. Parents, please update any saved bookmarks on your computer that link to PaySchools to ensure timely posting of your lunch or fee deposits. Thank you!

Substitute Bus Drivers Needed

Bagley Public Schools is in need of drivers for extracurricular activities and out of town games--admission and meal included with pay rate!  Your spouse or child may also ride.  Training and certification reimbursement provided by Bagley Public Schools.  Drive as little or as much as you like!

Applications may be picked up at the Superintendent's office (694-6184). 

Call Bob Garland at the Transportation Office (694-6122) for more information.

PRIDE Campaign

Bagley Public Schools supports community-wide communication as promoted by the PRIDE-inscribed bracelets that continue to be shared with our students, staff, families, and community members.  Inside the bracelets is a reminder of who we are in Bagley:

  • Positive
  • Respectful
  • Individuals
  • Demonstrating
  • Excellence

Questions?  Ask any student or staff member, or call the Distict Office at 694-6184.  We have PRIDE in Bagley!