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    Welcome to the Bagley Public School Speech-Language Website!
  • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are professionals trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of communication disorders related to speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing, and fluency. If you suspect your child has a communication disorder, please contact your child's teacher.

    Mrs. McLean (Bagley Early Childhood)Ms. Teri (Bagley Elementary School), Ms. Cathy (Telepractice- Bagley Elementary School), and Miss Claire (Bagley High School)

  • Schedules

    • Mrs. McLean 
    • Bagley Early Childhood: 8:00-3:30 Monday-Friday
    • Bagley Elementary School: 8:00-3:30 Monday-Friday
    • Ms. Teri
    • Bagley Elementary School: 8:00-3:30 Monday & Wednesday
    • Ms. Cathy
    • Bagley Elementary School Telepractice
    • Miss Claire  
    • Bagley High School: 8:30-3:00 Monday & Wednesday;  12:00-3:00 Friday