• School Resource Officer


    My office is located in the Main Office at Bagley High School. Please visit with me if you have any concerns about our school's safety.

    ~Deputy Dolan


    Social Networking and Law Enforcement

    As popularity with social networking websites and apps increase, so does the potential for misuse of these programs. FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, and Vine are all popular sites/apps with today's youth. Many of the new social apps are located on computer servers outside of the United States, making obtaining information from the companies impossible.

    Law enforcement officials frequently gets complaints about someone else's conduct on the programs. Law enforcement is not able to moderate the content of others posts; Law Enforcement is only able to take action if the conduct is criminal (for example, a death threat), and we are able to link the criminal conduct with the person who wrote it.

    If someone does something you don't like on one of these sites, consider doing the following:

    1) Block the person.

    2) Report them to the company of the software.

    3) Change your username or delete you account and create a new account.

    If someone still continues to bother you after trying these above steps, then you may have to consider stopping using the website or app.


    About the SRO Program

    The School Resource Officer (SRO) is a Deputy Sheriff employed by the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office assigned to work in the schools. The SRO program is a nationally accepted program that places law enforcement officers within local schools. The program was designed to develop partnerships between law enforcement and the school community.

    The aim is to provide a positive law enforcement influence that concentrates on safety and security, encourages relationships between officers, school administrators, teachers and students, and fosters education.

    The SRO position encompasses three major components which allow the SRO to achieve this goal: law enforcement, education, and counseling. These three components allow the SRO to take a proactive approach to law enforcement. SRO's provide all law enforcement duties on their campus. They educate the students by teaching law related classes and other related subjects in the classrooms and counsel both students and parents on various topics. The SRO becomes involved in the students' lives as a positive role model. The intent is that the positive experiences students have with the SRO will bridge the gap between juveniles and law enforcement, and in doing so, help prevent juvenile crime.        


  • SRO

    Deputy Dolan
    School Resource Officer
    218-694-3120 ext. 2320

  • Youth Crisis Line:


    The crisis number is established to provide immediate assistance to youth who are in crisis. The crisis response staff can travel to any site convenient to you to assist the child in crisis. When you call this number, you are connect with a dispatcher who will take your name and number, and they will then have a trained mental health crisis worker contact you.

    The crisis line service is offered to Clearwater, Beltrami, and Hubbard Counties by Stellher Human Services, Inc.

    The crisis line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (including holidays).