Youth Services - Meeters & Greeter

  • Through Youth Service programming young people can enhance their development and learn about their world by helping others as a Meeters & Greeter.

    2018-19 Meeters & Greeters
    " Our character is how we act when we think no one is looking."

    Meeters & Greeters take new students within our district under their wings, by showing them around our school and introducing them to new people.  In addition to this, Meeters & Greeters also volunteer their time and help at the following events thoroughout each school year: Bagley High School Open House, Radiothon to End Child Abuse, Early Childhood Fall Festival, Bookfair/Literacy Night, Elementary Rollerskating Night, and the Brat in a Bag Fundraiser.  

    If you are interested in becoming a Meeter and Greeter please contact
    Mickey Newland at 218-694-3120 or email: