Welcome and Program Overview


    Boozhoo! Hello!

    We are at the start of the second week! Make sure you check in with your students regarding homework and schedules. If there are issues please contact us immediately so we can find a solution or be able to assist before it affects the students homework/grades. We would be happy to assist as best we can.

    If you have a Native American student, please remember to turn in the 506C form, JOM form if your child is either enrolled, eligible for enrollment or is a combined 25% Native American from various bands/tribes. This is important information to have on file and should follow your student from school to school as well as assisting your child when it comes time for college and scholarships.

    There have been quite a few questions regarding the chromebooks/I-pads and the technology fees. The chromebooks are available in grades 7-12 and the students will only be able to receive them when the technology fee is paid. Make sure that you reveiw the technology policy and go over it thoroughly with your child. If the chromebook is broken you and your child will be responsible to pay the full cost of the chromebook.

    The fees are:

    • $20/student, max of $60/family
    • Free/reduced lunch pricing is: $10/student, max of $30/family

    If you have questions regarding this please feel free to visit the technology page found here.

    Damage to the chromebooks are:

    • Screen Damage -$45
    • Replacement Charger - $25
    • Lost or Damaged Beyond Repair -$200

    We are currently working on setting up the Anishinaabe Club dates as well as the Tutoring dates. We have various activities that are in the works as well as an interest from some of the community programs/projects that would like our students to participate in.

    If you have paperwork or questions regarding Title VI, AMI, or JOM please call or come in and see me. I can meet with you and assist in the completion of it while you are here.


Upcoming Activities

  • The Homecoming Parade is scheduled for September 29, 2017 @ 2:30 pm. We would like student participation in building a float again this year. If you have ideas or if your student has ideas please submit them to me at cvik@bagley.k12.mn.us or lschussman@bagley.k12.mn.us

    I would love to have a student vote on this and to have students participate in building a float that represents Indian Education here at Bagley Public Schools! 


    October 3 -Anishinaabe Club Starts! This will happen weekly on Tuesdays throughout the school year.

    The permission slip can be found here. Anishinaabe Club Permission Slip

    Please be aware that the transporation for this activity will start with one bus so be aware that your child may be getting home later than expected depending on the participation of students.


Upcoming Student Opportunities

  • We look forward to providing college exploratory visits to the Grand Forks, Fargo, Moorhead, Morris, Alexandria, Rainy River schools this year. We will work on alternating the schools and areas that we visit so there are more opportunities for your child to see more schools and possibly find their perfect fit! With them seeing and having time to consider more options it will hopefully create a though process of where they would like to be and career choices.

    We will also be looking at more local opportunities to get your child involved in cultural activities. Ideas? Call or come see me!

Indian Education Contact

Tutoring & Anishinaabe Club

  • Tutoring and Anishinaabe Club are in place to assist with the success of your students educational opportunities here at Bagley High School. We are also wanting to implement cultural opportunities to provide your children with traditional arts/crafts/stories. If you have any ideas please let us know and I will be more than happy to research that idea to see if we can bring it to our school!

Indian Education at Bagley School

  • As you all know, Bagley is located somewhat in the middle of 3 local tribes; White Earth, Red Lake, and Leech Lake; but they are not the only tribes represented within our school. Bagley School District currently has representation from 14 tribes from five states. With respect to all of our students, we will be looking for various educational/cultural opportunities to be shared. 

    The tribes represented within our school district by state are:

    Michigan - Hannahville Potowatami, Sault Ste. Marie

    Minnesota - Bois Forte, Fond Du Lac, Grand Portage, Leech Lake, Mille Lacs, Red Lake, White Earth

    Montana - Fort Peck Assiniboine Sioux

    North Dakota - Spirit Lake, Turtle Mountain

    South Dakota - Oglala Sioux - Pine Ridge, Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate