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    About the Teacher!!
    Greetings! They call me Mr. C ! I am invisible, my students are the priority in the classroom. My job is to facilitate and offer a classroom that allows students to learn. My presence is only a presence. Their ability to take the resources given, allows them to be the main stage players in the room. My responsibilities in school is to teach students to be independent and to know their rights as individuals. We all have disabilities. A disability is an opportunity to learn success and independence to move forward in life. I believe that practice makes progress. I live in the  community of Bagley and also own a garden center " perennialparadise.org ". This is my summer hobby! When not outside swatting off mosquitoes, I am in the classroom.  I run my garden center much like I do my classroom.  Whether teaching students or customers, I want people to feel good about themselves and give them an opportunity to learn about whatever their need is.  We learn together!  I am a believer of the wanting to work together as a team in whatever endeavor we come across.  My passion is to provide opportunities and resources for students to learn!
    What it is you Teach!!
    I teach all subjects from phonics to math in the Bagley High School. I am not a believer of labels. I choose not to be labeled as a person and respect my students not to be labeled. We all have learning needs. My students have a variety of needs and challenging learning styles. I center my teaching style to the needs of the student. We base our classroom with a hands on learning approach with an emphasis of transition to success in the real world. I don't see a mistake as a down fall rather I see it as an opportunity to learn. Practice makes progress! Progress makes success! Success brings independence!
    Independence brings freedom! Freedom creates contentment in life!