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  • Mediacrew162 is the Media Club at BHS in grades 8-12. This Club is a hands on club that actively works on projects for Athletics, the Arts and in Classrooms. 

    Students learn about opportunities in multiple mediums like real time live television production and marketing. This will include Live TV Broadcasting,video editing,Tricaster and program switcher operation, camera operation,photo journalism, script writing, voice announcing, interviewing all in real time or recorded as well as equipment and technical set up.

    BHS mediacrew162 is always looking for students and adults interested in producing and learning the many aspects of production, technology, graphic art, mass media and communications. 

    College Scholarship opportunities and Summer Camp Scholarships are available to Club Members

    No fees or costs will be incurred to Students in Media Club.

    Current members: Lexi, Sam, Ben, Carly, Jaden, Alexa, Brycen, Taylor, Megan, Samantha, Quinten, Dhillion, Ayden, Nia, Zach, Jonna, Lela


       On the field Interviews Trining new students