American Indian Education Aid

AMI Goals and Activities

Worlds Best Workforce Area Goals

(And what's being done to achieve them)

All children ready for school

  1. Check & Connect mentor working with up to six elementary students.
  2. Early education communications.
  3. Support for Kindergarten Round-up.

All third-graders achieve grade level literacy

  1. Paraprofessionals in classrooms for student support.

All achievement gaps closed

  1. Paraprofessionals in classrooms for student support.
  2. Supervised work period room.
  3. Financial & personal support for afterschool tutoring and transportation.
  4. Financial support for Math & Reading 180 Intervention Programs.
  5. Cultural speakers and supplies.
  6. Anishinaabe Club to support cultural identity.
  7. College/Carer exploration and cultural field trips.
  8. Funding for computer applications.
  9. General supplies for students and staff.
  10. Financial support for the ACT or SAT tests.

All students graduate from high school

  1. Check & Connect mentors for student support.
  2. Supervised private study hall.
  3. Participate & communicate with Indian Parent Committee.