American Indian Education Aid

AIEA Goals and suggested Activities

Worlds Best Workforce Area Goals

(And what's being done to achieve them)

All third-graders achieve grade level literacy

  1.  Student support staff available for students.
  2.  Parent Involvement/ community outreach activities, such as book bingo (due to circumstances out of our conrol, we were not able to have these activities this year).

All achievement gaps closed

  1. Student support staff available for students.
  2. Supervised work period room.
  3. Financial & personal support for afterschool tutoring and transportation.
  4. Financial support for Math & Reading 180 Intervention Programs.
  5. Cultural speakers and supplies.
  6. College/Career exploration and cultural field trips.
  7. Funding for computer applications.
  8. General supplies for students and staff.
  9. Financial support for the ACT or SAT tests.

All students attain career and college readiness

  1. Offer field trips to college campuses and encourage early applications for seniors.
  2. Attend Native American and Public College and Career Fairs throughout the year and encourage future planning. 
  3. Invite college, career, job training opportunities, military, Native American scholarship Departments in to speak with our students. 
  4. Attend job training facilities for students who want to go directly into careers.
  5. Utilize Expanding the Circle Curriculum with a small group of Native American children to find out who they are, assisting with future planning. 

All students graduate from high school

  1. Student support staff available for students.
  2. Supervised private study hall.
  3. Communications with students parents/guardians.
  4. Participate & communicate with Indian Parent Committee.
  5. Senior Banquet (due to circumstances out of our hands, we are unable to host the banquet this year).
  6. Student travel to ALP and summer school to ensure our students are able to attend these to maintain credits or make up credits to graduate on time.