Indian Education

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I would like to invite you all to attend our parent committee meetings as we do cover quite a bit of information and discuss the budgets. If you have questions you need to ask. We encourage participation!

If you have a Native American student, please remember to turn in the 506C form and a JOM form if your child is either enrolled, eligible for enrollment or is a combined 25% Native American from various bands/tribes. This is important information to have on file and should follow your student from school to school as well as assisting your child when it comes time for college and scholarships.

I am also asking that you check on your child's school registration. If you have identified your child as 2 or more they will no longer be Indian Ed eligible SY 19/20 unless we have a completed 506C form on file with either their own, a parents, or a grandparents enrollment number. If you have questions regarding this please come see me. This change is due to a federal policy change in ethnicity.

The following was taken from a powerpoint released by the Minnesota Department of Education regarding Race and Ethnicity Data Collection dated 6/11/18 pg. 20.

"It is imperative that addressing the new federal counts be carefully and thoroughly reflected upon. Here's why:

1. If an American Indian student marks YES on Part A, the student will be considered Hispanic, and NOT American Indian.

2. If an American Indian student marks America Indian/Alaskan Native and ANY OTHER race in Part B, they will fall into the "two or more races category," and will NOT be considered American Indian."

If you have paperwork or questions regarding Title VI, AMI, or JOM please call or come in and see me. I can meet with you and assist in the completion of it while you are here.

You can find a link to the school board approved Policy 331- Indian Policy and Procedures here. This was approved at the October 15, 2018 School Board Meeting. If you have questions regarding this please feel free to contact us at the Bagley School District.