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Bagley Indian Education E-learning Program Plan

Bagley Indian Education has been and will continue working for the best interests of the students, families, and community that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have reached out to most of the community to try and assist as well as minimize any barriers that the e-learning may create. We are listening and responding as we find out what some of the issues are.

Conversations were initiated by the Bagley Indian Education Director attending the White Earth Tribal Council Executive Meeting on Tuesday March 17, 2020 by the invitation of District 1 representative Raymond Auginaush. We discussed some of the issues that we were already aware of, those being: the safety of our students and families, especially those with multi- generational homes and/or elders living in the homes. We had discussed items such as internet connectivity, how families would obtain food, Mental Health of students who had services and those who would potentially need MH services, the families who would continue to work and how they would be impacted with childcare concerns as well as many other needs. Those that were present each listened to what the Tribes Emergency Management Team had to say and based decisions off of the recommendations they had as well as from the CDC. Once that meeting had been dismissed other Tribal Departmental Meetings were held with Tribal Education, Ronald Buckanaga and Dana Goodwin as well as with Boys and Girls Club and Behavioral Health.

Since that day, communication has been open and ongoing with the Bagley Indian Education Staff going to the homes within the Tribal Communities, making contact via phone calls, social media and text. We are responding to the individual needs of each and every home. Taking into consideration that there have been varying issues and concerns from multiple homes and identifying needs for students who are in district but also have students who attend school out of district we are hoping that we can address the individual needs.

Bagley Indian Education has since then started the following:

  1. Created a website page under Indian Education to assist with student academic support. This will be a fluid page which will be changing based on our students, and family’s needs. This may involve when and how they are able to connect as well as what issues they may need assistance with. That Indian Education Page is available at: http://bagleymn.apptegy.us/o/sd-162/page/zoom-meeting-for-student-support?mode=edit
  2. We have been going out into the community and have had multiple conversations regarding the internet connectivity and have expressed that we will continue going to the homes who are not connected, minimally twice a week for follow-up to ensure support is present and available.
  3. We will be working with school support staff to identify needs from teacher’s staff that we may not be aware of in order to make sure there aren’t any gaps that are overlooked.
  4. We are working with the community to provide cultural resources such as Sugar bush, Seasonal harvesting (Wild Onions, Mushroom picking, Birch bark harvesting, etc.), Medicine collection (Swamp Tea, Cedar, Sage, Chaga). We will be looking for and Compiling additional resources to try and provide some of the activities that we were wanting to provide in person. If there are activities not listed that you may have a resource for please contact Carol Vik via email @ cvik@bagley.k12.mn.us
  5. Bagley Indian Education will also be compiling Virtual tours of colleges in/around Minnesota with any pertinent information regarding Native American Opportunities/scholarships available as well as timelines and key contacts. We want to ensure that students still have the ability to see what is out there in regards to higher education so this will not only pertain to 4 year universities but 2- year colleges, trade schools and on the job trainings.
  6. Bagley Indian Education also has the Achievement and Integration funding’s streamed through the department. This grant has been amended to ensure that connectivity is not an issue for our students/homes and that all goals will still be met. Goals being that there are integration activities taking place for Identified students/schools in the multidistrict collaborative.
  7. Bagley School District powwow has been Postponed and planning is in the works with the Bagley City Council so we are hoping that this is an event that can still take place but again it is usually a large group gathering so we need to take all future information into consideration before we announce a future date. If you have questions or input please contact Carol Vik.
  8. Bagley Indian Education Senior Banquet – We are still planning on having a banquet but again as stated above this would mean a group gathering and all future information needs to be taken into consideration. We need to honor and support/recognize our graduates for everything they have worked towards in obtaining their diploma as we recognize that this is one of our main reasons that Indian Education is in place and one of our top goals. TO INCREASE GRADUATION RATES AMONGST OUR NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENTS.
  9. Indian Education Parent Committee Meetings – As of today’s date, 3/27/20, all face to face parent committee meetings have been canceled. This is something that we will continue working on. Communication with Parent Committee members is still happening just not in a formal environment. We will be working on moving forward through Zoom Meetings, text, and/or email votes. Speaking with Tribal Education the text and/or email votes will be sufficient to vote on actions to ensure forward movement on Indian Education programming. We have upcoming grant budgeting due so, Carol Vik will be in contact with parents, community and the Tribe regarding input towards the AIEA and Title VI grant budgets/goals.


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facebook pages to check out: 

White Earth Tribal and Community College

Anishinaabemowin Resources 

Minnesota Department of Education

I realize there is quite a bit of information shared above but if there any questions, comments, or anything that has been missed please email Carol Vik – Bagley Public Schools #162 Indian Education Director at: cvik@bagley.k12.mn.us

I would like to invite you all to attend our parent committee meetings as we do cover quite a bit of information and discuss the budgets. If you have questions you need to ask. We encourage participation!

If you have a Native American student, please remember to turn in the 506C form and a JOM form if your child is either enrolled, eligible for enrollment or is a combined 25% Native American from various bands/tribes. This is important information to have on file and should follow your student from school to school as well as assisting your child when it comes time for college and scholarships.

I am also asking that you check on your child's school registration. If you have identified your child as 2 or more they will no longer be Indian Ed eligible SY 19/20 unless we have a completed 506C form on file with either their own, a parents, or a grandparents enrollment number. If you have questions regarding this please come see me. This change is due to a federal policy change in ethnicity.

The following was taken from a PowerPoint released by the Minnesota Department of Education regarding Race and Ethnicity Data Collection dated 6/11/18 pg. 20.

"It is imperative that addressing the new federal counts be carefully and thoroughly reflected upon. Here's why:

1. If an American Indian student marks YES on Part A, the student will be considered Hispanic, and NOT American Indian.

2. If an American Indian student marks America Indian/Alaskan Native and ANY OTHER race in Part B, they will fall into the "two or more races category," and will NOT be considered American Indian."

If you have paperwork or questions regarding Title VI, AMI, or JOM please call or come in and see me. I can meet with you and assist in the completion of it while you are here.

You can find a link to the school board approved Policy 331- Indian Policy and Procedures here. This was approved at the November 2, 2020 School Board Meeting. If you have questions regarding this please feel free to contact us at the Bagley School District.