Bagley School District 162

Pursuing Educational Excellence for All

  • OUR MISSIONPursuing Educational excellence for all:

    In partnership with parents and community, Bagley Public Schools will support, challenge, and empower students to become responsible, productive citizens.

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Pride Campaign

  • Bagley Public Schools supports community-wide communication as promoted by the PRIDE-inscribed bracelets that continue to be shared with our students, staff, families, and community members.  Inside the bracelets is a reminder of who we are in Bagley:

    • Positive
    • Respectful
    • Individuals
    • Demonstrating
    • Excellence

    Questions?  Ask any student or staff member, or call the Distict Office at 694-6184.  We have PRIDE in Bagley!


Welcome to Bagley Public Schools!

  • Bagley School District Strategic Planning

    The Bagley School District is in the initial stage of developing a strategic plan. The school board is working with the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) to provide guidance and assist with the planning.

    The School Board is seeking input from school district residents and staff to help in identifying the school district’s strengths and areas for improvement.  School district residents and staff can give the school board feedback by completing the “Perception Survey of Bagley Public Schools.” The information gathered from the survey will be analyzed by the MSBA and used to help identify school district strategic priorities.

    Click the link to access the “Perception Survey of Bagley Public Schools"  Please complete only one survey either the "Internal Stakeholders" or "External Stakeholders".  The survey is open until 4:30 PM on October 12, 2017

    Perception Survey of Bagley Public Schools – External Stakeholders

    Perception Survey of Bagley Public Schools – Internal Stakeholders


    Bagley Independent School District #162 consists of two sites;

    a Pre-School-6th grade Elementary building and a 7-12th grade Junior and Senior High School. 

    The community of Bagley is nestled in a unique physical environment that joins the pines and the prairie and bids farewell to the mighty Mississippi as it begins its journey south. 


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