Bagley Elementary is proud of its students and families! We have many great things happening in our school! Our students work hard to become the best they can, by learning through a variety of activities and initiatives.

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If your students are feeling stressed or just need a break, this website is a place students can visit to find relaxing music, breathing activities, mindfulness videos, and other mental health resources.


It is our goal to develop a quality program that emphasizes enjoyable participation in physical activities. This benefits students in developing the knowledge, confidence, attitude, and social and motor skills needed to start and build on a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. Our Flyer Fitness website has activities that show you how much you have to walk to get to the top of some of the greatest monuments in the world and has some great virtual tours that take you to some of the coolest places on the planet. Come and take a walk with and join the adventure!

Stop Bullying Sign

Bullying Incident Report Form

If you are experiencing bullying at Bagley High School, please fill out this form and return it to the Main Office or Guidance Office.

Personal, Social, and Emotional Support

Click here for information on mental health, suicide prevention, teen pregnancy, divorce, and a variety of other personal, social, and emotional issues.

Academic Resources

Resources and tips on studying, taking tests, tutoring, and other academic support. 

*CRISIS HOTLINE* For immediate help, call the mental health crisis line at 1(800)422.0045 or *new* Text MN to 741741