Parents and Students

We hope you had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to starting the school year. It will definitely be different than any other, but we hope that together we will create a positive learning experience despite the challenges we face. Here is some information we hope you will find helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to call the High School Office at         218-694-3120. 


During this time of distance learning we are asking that students continue to follow their daily schedule.  Each day you will need to have some contact with your teacher to be counted for daily attendance. Here are ways to connect with your teacher that will be counted for attendance:

-Email them before 3:00.

-Attend a Zoom session if one is available.

-Turn in an assignment before 3:00 if one is available.

At Bagley High School we appreciate the effort that you are putting into ensuring that your child is engaging in their academic work during these unprecedented times.  We believe that daily attendance is critical in academic success, however we ask that you please notify the school if your student is unable to attend during the school day.  This notification can occur either by contacting the Bagley High School office at 218-694-3120 or through the below link.

             ABSENCE NOTIFICATION       


Use this link to report an absence!        

Tips and Expectations for Students

-Find a quiet place to work and create a daily routine.

-Check your email and Google Classrooms daily. Assignments/instructions will be posted there. -Keep up with daily work and be in contact with teachers.

-You are expected to put in a full day of distance learning during the school day. Teachers will be following their daily schedule for class times. Please see the Daily Schedule listed below and follow your classes according to your schedule.

-You are expected to be working on school work and not work at a job during school hours unless it is part of your school curriculum (Work Experience).

Tips for Parents

-Help provide your child with a space conducive to learning.

-Check Google Classroom daily for assignment progress.

-Check grades in ParentVue regularly.

-Your child’s school day will run during the same time as in-person learners. Please make sure they are getting enough rest to be ready to learn each day.

-Distance learning can be challenging. Check in with your child not only on school work but how they are doing emotionally. There is support available at the school. Contact Belinda Schermerhorn, School Counselor. (bschermerhorn@bagley.k12.mn.us)

Tech Tips

-Keep your Chromebook charged.

-Avoid eating or drinking around your Chromebook.

-Close extra tabs on your Chromebook that may be streaming audio or video especially when Zooming to help with bandwidth and Chromebook performance.

Contact Brenda Dukek, Technology Coordinator (bdukek@bagley.k12.mn.us) or Troy Reynolds, Technology Integrationist (treynolds@bagley.k12.mn.us) for technology assistance.