(Updated 4-9-20) District 162 Distance Learning Plan





Governor Walz’s Executive Order 20-19 directs all public school districts to implement distance learning plans effective March 30, 2020. The distance learning period is scheduled to end on Thursday, April 30, and staff will report to work on Friday, May 1 to plan for the return of students on Tuesday, May 5.


If Governor Walz deems it necessary to continue distance learning beyond this period, staff and students will not report until the newly identified dates.


The Minnesota Department of Education defines distance learning as, “Students engaging in distance learning have access to appropriate educational materials and receive daily interaction with their

licensed teacher(s).” It is important to note that distance learning does not always mean e-learning or online learning. Distance learning must be provided in a way that is equitably accessed by all students.


Distance learning requires schools to do something that has never been done before: deliver instruction and support services, feed all children in need, and provide childcare for essential emergency workers, while schools are closed and students are home for an extended period of time. To accomplish this inside-out model of education, all school employees have an important role to play, in partnership with the children, families, and community we serve.




The governor’s order requires school districts to provide care during school hours for district-enrolled, school-aged children of emergency workers deemed essential to the State’s response to COVID-19.

Bagley Public Schools administration and paraprofessionals will provide childcare for the children of critical workers in the Early Childhood Center on each school day throughout the school closure period.




The governor’s order requires school districts to ensure meals are available to all students who need them throughout the school closure period, as well as distribute any required instructional materials. Bagley Public Schools will serve student meals under the Summer Food Service Program. Families who reside in Bagley can pick up meals at the elementary school or have food delivered to their home, if necessary. Families who reside outside of Bagley city limits will receive meals at predetermined drop sites or at their residence, depending on current safety conditions and governmental directives. Parents should place a container, preferably an insulated cooler, outside the door for school staff to drop off meals and instructional materials. To the extent possible, in order to limit potential exposure to the virus on paper or other surfaces, assignments should be returned electronically. Nutrition and materials distribution will be provided by bus drivers and paraprofessionals via district-determined bus routes.



COVID-19 has caused society to make major adjustments to our daily lives in a short amount of time. We are all dealing with a rapidly evolving situation with many questions and very few answers. It is only natural that we are all experiencing a range of emotions during this unprecedented situation. Bagley Public Schools will provide counseling and mental health support for students and families throughout the school closure period. The school counselor and Stellher personnel will be available via phone or internet during school hours. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school for assistance.




Bagley Public Schools is committed to helping all students find success in learning and life. Teachers will continue to design and deliver instruction to meet the individual needs of students on IEPs and 504 plans, with the support of special education teachers and support staff.


Special Education Teachers will be developing a Prior Written Notice to notify parents of the Contingency Plan for Distance Learning which will go into effect on the date the district implements distance learning until the district resumes onsite instruction.


A Contingency Plan for Distance Learning will be attached to the Prior Written Notice and will describe the following: Parent’s Preferred Mode of Communication, Service, Frequency of Service, and Mode of Delivery. Distance Learning Plans will be individualized per each student’s Individual Education

Plan. Distance Learning may occur through a variety of means which may include but is not limited to: paper packets or worksheets, text books, telephone instruction, online resources, instruction via the school’s learning management system, instruction via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.




The Bagley Public Schools Indian Education Program has been and will continue supporting students, families, and community during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have reached out to the community to assist and minimize any barriers that distance learning may create.


Conversations were initiated when the Indian Education Director attended the White Earth Tribal Council Executive Meeting on Tuesday March 17, 2020. Discussion topics included the safety of our students and families, especially those with multi- generational homes and/or elders living in the homes, internet connectivity, how families would obtain food, mental health needs and services, childcare concerns, as well as many other needs. Meeting attendees included the Emergency Management Team, Tribal Education, Boys and Girls Club, and Behavioral Health.

  Communication has been open and ongoing, with Indian Education Program staff visiting homes within the Tribal Communities, making contact via phone calls, social media and text. We are responding to the individual needs of each and every home to the best of our ability.



School staff will call each family’s home once per week. The purpose of these calls will be to ensure that students are receiving daily messages and assignments from teachers, inquire about student learning progress, and make note of any support services the student or family require. Teachers will report students who are not engaging in learning opportunities to the office, and those students will be marked absent. Calls and teacher referrals will be logged and entered accordingly for daily attendance purposes.


PLEASE NOTE: The established school calendar will be followed during the school closure period. Instruction, meals, and childcare will not be provided on previously scheduled non-school days.




Early Childhood Families will receive appropriate educational materials and regular communication from the child’s licensed teacher to ensure high quality education for children before Kindergarten to prepare them for school success. Every 2 weeks, families will receive a Home Daily Learning Resources Packet. The resources focus on teaching children to see themselves as capable learners and develop reading, writing and math skills, while providing educational support to the family.




Bagley Elementary School will provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective distance learning environment that encourages the children to meet the State’s student academic achievement standards.




Teachers have created a modified syllabus for each class. College in the high school and AP courses will continue in consultation with colleges, universities, and the College Board, but testing has been altered for distance learning. ParentVue will continue to be updated and accessible throughout the school closure period for parents to monitor student progress.




ALP students will receive independent study and support online from their licensed teacher. Students will continue as concurrent-enrolled, meeting graduation incentives criteria.


·       Create and distribute the Distance Learning Plan (DLP) and ensure plan requirements are met.

·       Help teachers and staff to implement the DLP and ensure high quality learning for all students.

·       Use feedback from students, teachers, and families to make necessary adjustments.


·       Post learning goals, activities, and assignments by 9:00 AM each day.

·       Communicate with students through school email, Google Classroom, Synergy, Remind App, or other routinely established electronic curriculum delivery method.

·       Monitor school email between 10:00 AM-12:00 PM and 12:30-3:00 PM to answer questions and provide feedback to students and parents.



·       Interact daily with teachers.

·       Be available to complete schoolwork from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.

·       Charge and take care of your iPads and Chromebooks.

·       Complete and return assignments as directed by your teachers.

·       Reach out to your teachers for help.


·       Provide a quiet learning environment with minimal distractions.

·       Monitor school communications and the completion of daily assignments.

·       Ensure students are available to do school work from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

·       Support students in their learning tasks.

·       Communicate with teachers or the school office when you or your student need help.

·       Contact Garden Valley if you do not have internet access. GVTEL is offering free access while schools are closed for homes of students without Wi-Fi service. (800)448-8260.