JOM Special Meeting

Bagley School District #162 Indian Education Parent Committee Meeting

When: October 3rd, 2022  @ 5:00 pm

Where: Rice Lake Center/Zoom Mtg 

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Meeting ID: 881 5988 6832

Passcode: flyers

Who: Parents, grandparents, guardians, family members of Native American students in the School District #162 are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Title VI/AIEA By-Laws - ARTICLE XI – Meetings-Section 1. Meetings of the Parent Committee will be held the third Wednesday of every month during the school year, or as needed to conduct official business. 

JOM Meeting Agenda:

  • Approve April and September minutes

  • Review Parent Committee Roster

  • Review By-Laws

  • Budget review – Received from WE on 9/9/22.

  • Review Education Plan (JOM Goals and Objectives)

  • Review Needs Assessment Results

  • Close Meeting

Thank you! If you are a parent, you can be a part of our Parent Committee. Please check the by-laws for more information.

The parents play a huge role in voicing what they see as a need for their children. A better understanding of what can be done with the grant monies can be explained. Also JOM is completely PARENT DRIVEN, come find out what is currently being done!

Questions or adding to Agenda:

Please e-mail: 

 JOM – Education Department @ 218-983-3285