S'cool Hobby Club Winter 2021

Bagley Community Ed is excited to launch the new After S'cool Hobby Club.

S'cool Hobby Club is thrilled about its first program.... Raptors Rule 

Headwaters Science Center will be flying over to the Bagley School for a live demo on Raptors Rule on December 7th. 

This is an exciting opportunity to get a close-up view of live raptors and learn about the characteristics that make raptors different from other birds. Learn about various raptors found in Minnesota and their habitats. Learn what you can do to help preserve the environment and protect these spectacular creatures. All ages.

Come meet  Whoopi!!
🦉Whoopi is a Northern Saw-Whet Owl, the smallest owl east of the Mississippi River

For more information check out the S'cool Hobby Club at  https://www.bagley.k12.mn.us/p...